Storing RSS feed in the Database

Hello all,

  I have a requirement where I need to monitor a RSS feed.Once there is an update,I need t parse the title and content and store it in my DB table? Is this possible? Any ideas? Would appreciate any help.

Thanks Rails junkie

You could use cron and ./script/runner and Hpricot to parse the feed every-so-often and then simply save data to the DB as changes occur.

Hope this helps.

This is how I do it in one of my project that has similar requirements. You have two problems First is to get and parse the rss - trivial

require 'rss'

path = ""

rssB92biz = RSS::Parser.parse(path) rssB92biz.items.each do|item|   puts "===================================================="   puts item.title   puts   puts item.description   puts "====================================================" end

Second is to determine the uniqueness of rss item. I will use the link but it's up to you :slight_smile: The next is to store the new unique rss item in db witch is like any other model manipulation.

The interesting part is to make this a background task of your application. For that task I have used BackgrounDRb (http:// I hope that I put you on a right course. If you need some more details just ask.


Thank you All This really helps and enough to get me started.

As you suggested, everything worked. Thank you. I have one question though. How Do in limit the RSS feed retrieval to only new ones? If I parse a url, and run a loop, it has all the feeds on that url. is there way to restrcit to only updated ones?