Feature requests... WebSocket related - whom to talk to?

I have some thoughts and ideas about features I would love to see in Rails 5.0, especially web socket related.

I wrote a whole server / framework called Anorexic to test my ideas before approaching someone - and I think there’s some decent code that could be put to use.

My main idea is about how to provide native web socket support to our controller classes, including the on_message, on_connect, pre_connect and on_disconnect callbacks, as well as allowing us to broadcast messages and collect information about other connection (controller instances, I guess)…

Whom do I approach? and whom do I talk to?

Anyone knows where to leave any messages about this stuff?

Thanks for any updates and replies.


There is a rubyonrails-core mailing list for discussion rails core features. Post there for discussion and feedback.


As Anuj mentioned theres a rails-core mailing list (

I just saw the repo briefly, and I want to suggest something. Everything
I've seen rails-related had tests...maybe you should do that too :slight_smile:

Thank you Anuj and Javier for the reference.

As for testing - I’m not sure how to write tests for socket services… but you’re right I should write some tests, at least for psedo-requests…

as well as the mailing list the irc channel (#rails-contrib on freenode is a good place for sounding out ideas). In the past I’ve found it easier to get feedback there than all on the mailing list.