Feature Request: Make New Rails App Lint Compliant

Ladies and Gentlemen

As original posted on github:

I understand that the project disallows cosmetic changes but:

  • Some projects follow stylistic rules (even rails does)
  • Rubocop is quick to set up, and configure (even rails uses it)
  • For initial generations, additional work is required in new rails project to ensure lint compliance.
  • The best way to make sure a project is compliant with a developer’s lint preferences is to make it compliant with all the linter’s modules
    If I could take the time to ensure rails new app generates a rubocop compliant skeleton app, will the maintainers consider merging the code?

This will essentially reduce the time it takes to scaffold a project and would be a backwards compatible feature.

This feature could then be extended to ensure all the generate commands make lint compliant code.