FastCgiWrapper forces RAILS_ENV to development

Hi there,

I am installing a new (CPanel) server where I will be moving my Rails apps to soon. Everything worked fine, but reading around I decided to use the FastCgiWrapper option in Apache, so permissions work painlessly. (no need to chmod or chown folders the app will write to, for example)

As soon as I add FastCgiWrapper On to httpd.conf Rails moves back to running as development, ignoring the RAILS_ENV line on:

FastCgiConfig -autoUpdate -singleThreshold 100 -killInterval 300 -idle-timeout 240 -initial-env RAILS_ENV=production

If I remove FastCgiWrapper On I am back to normal again.

I've searched around and nobody seems to have the same problem, so I am wondering what I am doing wrong...

I created a dummy rails app from scratch, in the server, with a test controller and I get the same behavior.

Any ideas?