Factory Girl Associations Issue with Uniqueness Validations


Does anybody have a workaround/solution for Factory Girl's insistence on
creating a new record for each association it creates? As far as I can
tell, this makes using Factory Girl unusable when you have uniqueness
validations on the model referenced by the FK when testing interrelated
has_many/belongs_to associations.

What am I missing here? Google shows many people with same issue
without a clear resolution. I may just need some sleep. :slight_smile:



I have exactly the same problem... but no solution. Would also greatly
appreciate suggestions as to a workaround.

When I encounter this type of issue, I tend to create the high level
objects and then explicitly include them

@author = Factory(:author)

book1 = Factory(:book, :author => @author)
book2 = Factory(:book, :author => @author)

Andrew Timberlake

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