external_control option of in_place_editor_field


I'm using in_place_editor_field helper in Rails.

I did the following in view:

  <a href='#' id='edit_#{node.id}'>Edit</a>   <%= in_place_editor_field :node, :name, {:id => @node.id}, {:external_control => 'edit_'+node.id.to_s} %>

The above code is working. But it enters into edit mode when we click on the name to be edited and also when we click on the 'Edit' link. That is, we can edit the name in two ways, by clicking on the 'Edit' link and by clicking the name link.

I need to enter into edit mode only when we click on the 'Edit' link. How can I achieve this. Please help me to find a solution. I had spend a lot of my precious time on in_place_editor_field. Please help...

Thanks Regards Suneeta