extending the ActiveRecord:Base class

Dear list,

I'd like to make an 'after_find' call for each and every AR model I
defined. In AWDWR page 376 they do so by opening up the AR class like
class ActiveRecord::Base
  def self.some_method
    return 'foo'

All nice and well but where should I store this class?? According to
the chapter it should go in app/models. So I placed a file called
base.rb in app/models/active_record. To no avail. Placing it in app/
models did no good either.

I know I can do this by defining a module in lib/ and include that in
all my models but that is just not as pretty.

With kind regards,

Put it wherever you want. In environment.rb require that file.
An alternative would be

class MyBaseClass < ActiveRecord::Base
   self.abstract_class = true
   [your funkiness here]

and then have all your classes inherit from MyBaseClass


Aha! So I should just require it. I was hoping that would go
'automagically'. Thanks for the reply.