extending find() in a horrible way..

I'm trying to scope all ActiveRecord::Base.find() calls with a
particular condition... ( I want to use some clever language here about
domains.. but I'll mess it up )

Take a look at the monster I created below. Is there a proper way to do
this without feeling queasy?

This ignores all the dynamic things as well like find_all and
find_by_name, which is sad.

( That LinkerConfiguration.current_site.id can be ignored.. just an
integer )


class LinkCategory < ActiveRecord::Base

  def self.find(*args)
    options = args.last.is_a?(Hash) ? args.pop : {}
    sql = "site_id='#{LinkerConfiguration.current_site.id}'"
    if options[:conditions] && !options[:conditions].empty?
      options[:conditions] += " AND #{sql}"
      options[:conditions] = "#{sql}"
    args << options