expert advice needed on realtime events in ruby on rails application?

In my app I have the need to be able to have “realtime actions”

  • be able to redirect a user to location X on time Y

  • be able to send data from resque like a jquery function
    Im currently using

  • resque for running background deamon that can execute on Time Y anything

  • faye to listen to a channel ( web sockets ) for any data received then with jquery redirect or show or hide a div.
    The problem with this setup is:

  • sluggish ( it takes several seconds for the communication to go true resque and then arrive the client

  • not solid enough ( if user reloads browser at moment Y the data stream is not received and it breaks )
    What methods techniques I would have beside resque and faye to make this:

  • Client polling/pulling? ( would not scale good ?)

  • Solid, even if user reloads straight away it would resend the data or trigger an action

  • Make it more faster and in realtime response
    Basically I need to know what options I have to have realtime events in ruby on rails and if there are any better ways techniques to do this beside the ones stated above, anyone knows? thx in advanche!

**Anyone has done any ruby on rails app with realtime events? Opensource projects that do realtime events to take a look at and learn? **

This on-line game of go by Ryan Bates uses a background process to compute moves when playing against the computer.

It uses Resque


Douglas Lovell