ExceptionNotifier in development mode

I don't seem to be happening here...

config/environments/development.rb set...
config.action_controller.consider_all_requests_local = false

application_controller.rb has..
  include ExceptionNotifiable

and in script/console, I can see that...
ExceptionNotifier.raise_delivery_errors (false)
ExceptionNotifier.smtp_settings (as set in initializers/mailer.rb)
ExceptionNotifier.sender_address (arbitrary but valid)
ExceptionNotifier.perform_deliveries (true)
ExceptionNotifier.exception_recipients (me)

Thus everything seems to be as expected and mail is working because
Authlogic is sending 'activation' e-mails just fine.

Is there some other magic incantation that I am missing?


From the README file:

"Email notifications will only occur when the IP address is determined not to
be local. ... The address "" is always considered local. If
you want to completely
reset the list of all addresses (for instance, if you wanted "" to
NOT be considered local), you can simply do, somewhere in your controller:


Tried this?