errorr in sessions/new.html.erb

hi i write the follwing code in sessions/new.html.erb file, when i go to
run the application it gives the error

<h1>Log In</h1>

<% form_tag session_path do -%>
<p><%= label_tag 'login' %><br />
<%= text_field_tag 'login', @login %></p>

<p><%= label_tag 'password' %><br/>
<%= password_field_tag 'password', nil %></p>

<p><%= label_tag 'remember_me', 'Remember me' %>

<%= check_box_tag 'remember_me', '1', @remember_me %>


<p><%= submit_tag 'Log in' %>
<%= link_to 'Sign Up', :signup %>
<%= link_to 'Forgot Password?', :forgot %>

<% end -%>

can anyone tell wht's with the above code,

What is the error shown?


The line
<%= link_to 'Sign Up', :signup %>
is trying to make a path from the symbol :signup.
Make sure you have routes set up correctly and change :signup to
Similarly with the next link.