Error With ActiveRecord::Base::find


I seem to be getting errors on a find method call that I dont

I have the model

class Client < User
  has_many :campaigns
  has_many :codes, :through=>:campaigns
  has_many :code_hit_totals, :through=>:codes

and I am trying the code

cnt =
client.code_hit_totals.find(:all, :conditions=>["code_hit_totals.month
= ? AND code_hit_totals.year = ?", date.month, date.year])

However If I get each code_hit_total they are all there.

i.e client.code_hit_totals.each do |cht|
     puts cht.inspect

I never mentioned the error I get. It looks like this

wrong number of arguments (2 for 1)

points to

app/models/report.rb:179:in `find'

And what's line 179 look like?