error using rails_sql_views

rails_sql_views (0.6.1)
Rails 2.3.4

I've implemented this gem and wrote a query (which includes a self
join), and I am getting the following error
when trying to run the db:migrate command

undefined method `create_view' for

I'm a bit new to Rails, and I'm not sure what's missing here. I've
included the following in my environment file:
gem 'rails_sql_views'

Any pointers on this? we have an existing database and have a few
views we'd really like to utilize.


Did some more digging on this and there's an issue with the gem.
you'll need to update the gem and comment out the following code:

#unless Kernel.respond_to?(:gem)
# Kernel.send :alias_method, :gem, :require_gem

the other issue is that there is an updated version of the gem, but
it's notreleased on rubyforge. This version takes care of the above

In either case, I now have the gem working properly

for details.