Error on Rails Using Uploadify-S3 ...

Dear all,

I would like to share my current bug which really bothers me alot...
Recently, i have found this uploadify code on rails along with amazon
c3 (
Actually, I have setup everything according to this github project
tutorial ...

But Only having this follow below error when i load the page ...

TypeError in User_files#new
Showing /home/mypro/mypro/app/views/user_files/new.html.erb where line
#18 raised:
can't convert nil into String
Extracted source (around line #18):
15: }",
16: :on_error => "function(type, text) { alert(type +
'' + text);
17: }"
18: }) %>
19: <div id="video-upload">
20: <input type="file" name="uploadify" id="file_uploader" />
21: </div>
Rails.root: /home/mypro/mypro
Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace
vendor/plugins/uploadify-s3/lib/uploadify_s3_helper.rb:85:in `digest'

I have even set-up all configs that are needed for running this
stuff.. especially, these major settings

bucket_name: BUCKET_NAME
access_key_id: KEY
secret_access_key: SECRET

Please help me out...

Thanks in advance for your kind consideration on my query
Best Regards,

Something in the statement above (which starts off the front of the
code you have shown) is nil. I would simplify the statement, removing
a bit at a time, until the error goes, then you will know what it is
that is nil.