Error messages still don't escape angle brackets?

I’m finally upgrading to rails 4 with the hope that they have a better error reporting screen.

But I still see frustrating stuff like this:

Showing /Users/inspire/Projects/_rails/ where line #1 raised:undefined method `lighten=’ for #

Any tips how to hack it to actually escape it, so I can see that it’s < contest:0x007fba833054e0 >< /contest:0x007fba833054e0 >? Seems so obvious, and yet here we are 4 versions in and it isn’t done automatically, whine whine…


have you looked into the better_errors gem?

?? I don't see any such problem displaying "angle brackets" or their
contents in any of my apps, Rails 4 or earlier.

Have you considered that it might be a problem with "slim"??

Do you have a minimal test case that demonstrates the issue?