Error_messages_for missing translation header and body


I'm maybe wrong but just in case. I'm on rails 2.3.5 and when I use error_messages_for with I18n I got a translation missing Header and translation missing body.

I went deeper in the active_record_helper.rb and for some reason it looks like the scope is not kept in the call when used with I18n.with_options :

Not working :           I18n.with_options :locale => options[:locale], :scope => [:activerecord, :errors, :template] do |locale| ....               locale.t :header, :count => count, :model => object_name ....           end

Working:           I18n.with_options :locale => options[:locale], :scope => [:activerecord, :errors, :template] do |locale| ....               #{locale.t :header, :count => count, :model => object_name, :scope => [:activerecord, :errors, :template]}" ....           end

Correct me if I'm wrong.