Error in the Rails Getting Started Guide?

Hey all, I was just going through the getting started guide and noticed what I believe is an error. I know the “Feedback” section says I can change it if I’m confident, but I’m not exactly, so i want to make sure.

In Section 6.6, “Using the Console”, there is a note that says “The default console will make changes to your database. You can instead open a console that will roll back any changes you make by using rails console -sandbox.” I tried this in the console and got the weird error, “invalid option: -andbox”. After some digging, I found (and verified via testing) that the correct format is either “rails console --sandbox” (two dashes) or “rails console -s”.

I also noticed that the one dash used in the doc is actually an em dash, so I’m wondering if maybe whoever edited it used a rich editor that auto-replaced two dashes with an em dash, but that’s beside the point. Should I go ahead and change it to “rails console --sandbox”?


I also checked it. Got the same error as you got. When I copy pasted the line I got some other error. The character displayed in the document is not a hyphen. So I think it is better to correct the doc.


You are right, the problem seems to be a substitution of two dashes
with a 8212 entity as you guessed. Would you like to investigate if
there is a way to prevent it, and maybe if there are more occurrences
in the guides?