Engines Plugin 1.2


Just a quick note to say that the Engines Plugin 1.2 release is now available to all and sundry via the script/plugin command. Sing Hosanna! It can also be found at


... which is where you should be pointing externals, pistons and export commands.

I've posted a more detailed announcement on the Rails Engines site[1], but for the real skinny you'll want to read the README[2] and the UPGRADING notes[3].

What's new? A ton of stuff. Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it:

* Routes in plugins. Yes. * Migrations from plugins integrated into the main application migration history. This alone is flippin' sweet. * Simplified helpers for plugin assets:

    image_tag "my_hero.png", :plugin => "acts_as_hasselhoff"

* No more Engines.start, and no more "engines"; we're all just plugins now... * ...speaking of plugins, a more powerful notion of plugins programmatically in Rails. For instance, open a console and try this:

     > Rails.plugins      > Rails.plugins[:my_plugin].version      > Rails.plugins[:my_plugin].about # you'll want to have an about.yml file in the plugin      > Rails.plugins[:my_plugin].migrate(5) # if you're feeling brave!

  or even from the shell in your app:

    $ script/about

* As usual, if you need to share any or all of the following: controllers, helpers, models, stylesheets, javascripts, images, migrations, or routes; the engines plugin is your buddy and saves you from having to hook up all the necessary Rails plumbing to make these things work as they should.

Unfortunately, there are some things you need to be aware of:

1. This is compatible with Rails 1.2 only. Those of you running Rails 1.1.6 or earlier ***MUST*** use an earlier tag. Set your externals/export the code/piston your application accordingly.

2. The old login and user engines aren't making the 1.2 transition with us[4] - if you need these in your application, stay happy with Rails 1.1.6. I'm somewhat sorry about this but trust me - it's for the best. However, there's nothing to stop y'all producing your own shared authentication plugins that take advantage of the new, powerful moves that engines 1.2 brings to the party; feel free to fill this void, developers!

As usual, bug reports to http://dev.rails-engines.org/. If there is a problem, yo I'll solve it[5].

Yo man, lets get outta here. Word to yo mother. I mean, umm.... thanks!