Engines plugin 1.2 release coming real soon now...

Hello all,

This is just a quick heads up that I'm going to be making the 1.2
branch of the engines plugin the official release in the very near
future. If you're planning on using the engines plugin with Rails 1.2,
I'd *really* appreciate it if you could test the current branch with
your 1.2 application:

rm -fr vendor/plugins/engines
svn co http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/branches/rb_1.2

Check out the UPGRADING notes for what to be wary for, and post any
bugs back to the Collaboa site, http://dev.rails-engines.org (login:
anon, password: engines).


IMPORTANT NOTE for those not using Rails 1.2

I should also add that it looks like the "login engine" and "user
engine" won't be joining us on the journey to 1.2. Only ever really
intended as a demonstration of the sort of thing the engines plugin
might enable, they rapidly became the two planks which the engines
plugin was nailed to by many people in the Rails community.

--> http://rails-engines.org/news/2007/01/23/farewell-login_engine-/

Hi Peter,

Without the login/user engine plus engines are nothing but plugins based
on the post above..and going through the rails-engine site .. I have
hard time to understand what is it good for? I mean you can make a "gem"
and share application .. code sharing between apps can be a plugin.. I
am sorry could you please provide some explanation?

Your first stop should probably be
http://svn.rails-engines.org/engines/branches/rb_1.2/README, with
particular note to the sections about sharing controllers/helpers,
migrations, routes and public assets.

While it's possible to share all of this stuff in a normal plugin, you
need work hard to do it sensibly. Having the engines plugin installed
along side them makes it *really easy*, and provides a bunch of
mechanisms for developers to do so.

Furthermore the rails-engine site seems to be outdated any plans on
updating the pages/screencast at the time of 1.2 engine launch

I've begun updating the site (you'll see references to "installing an
engine" disappear, for example). I may produce a new screencast too,
unless someone else beats me to it. Hint, hint.