embed php code in rails

Hi there

There are some code pieces that are available in php like currency
rates, and weather status, etc. Is there a way that I can use those
php code within rails code in the view. or is there a good rails
plugin for that purpose


Well, if you have truly looked for similar within the Ruby gems and plugin

repositories and cannot find an equivalent, I would recommend adding

the functionality to existing gems/plugins or creating new ones. From my

experience, it was simply easier to do it this way unless the PHP and

Ruby sides code interactions were isolated.

For example, I had to integrate a Word Press blog into a Rails application.

This worked great because I just dropped the blog into the public part of the Rails

site and I was off to the races. However, this didn’t work so well when I needed

to integrate a Rails application with a bank’s billing interface that was in PHP.

It simply felt wrong but the client wanted it ASAP and I ended up capturing the

users input on the Rails side and submitting it to a PHP confirmation page for later

submission to the bank.

In short, if you can find a good isolation point between the two languages, I would

use that at a means of integrating the two if you do not have time to do it all in


Good luck,


Conrad, I'm trying to drop Wordpress into the public folder of my
rails project, just as you said.

Did you have any trouble with the index.php files? Some error is
causing them to return blank pages.

It's frustrating, because if I manually type in www.satslayer/blog/wp-admin/index.php
I can see my dashboard, but
I cannot get www.satslayer/blog/index.php to work for the life of me.

When I make the wordpress site my root, it works. So something in
rails is causing a php error.

Any idea what's going on? Oh, and where are the php error log files

Thank you,