Editor in ruby on rails framework

I am using Ruby on rails framework in website. I want to embed editor in website where I can write c++ ,python,c code etc. Please suggest any gem or editor which I can embed in my website. I have explore some like “Code Mirror” But i am in need of code editor like “Sublime Text”. Is there any api or gem by which I can have editor like sublime text.


Are you hoping to edit a file on the PC running the browser? If not
then where is the file to be edited?


I want that user can write code on the browser and can save it to the server, like hackerearth , hackerrank are some of the websites which have editors embedded in their browser.


Wouldn't node be a better candidate? You want real time no?

I don’t think it is as simple as using a gem. I am using https://github.com/grounds/grounds.io to run http://www.rubyplus.biz check it out!

VIM is an Extreme customizable editor, Perform over your dreams.

I want editor like this only. Is integration difficuilt ?? And is compiler for different languages embedded with editor only??

Thank you very much. This will solve my problem.


I know VIM is best editor but for technical people and my website is for end user so I cannot have VIM tool embedded in my website.


I run this Rails app on a separate domain. You can get a $5/month instance on digital ocean and host grounds.io on your own domain. I cloned it and customized the look and feel for my needs. It uses Docker to execute code in a separate environment so your Rails app is isolated. I am in the process of documenting the steps to get it running on my blog. Meanwhile, if you are eager to get started you can read this thread: https://github.com/grounds/grounds.io/issues/108#issuecomment-73281000

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