Easy Eclipse

Is it just me or does anyone else find 'Easy Eclipse Rad Rails' more of a hinderance than a help?

I remember when IDEs made things easier not harder. Turbo C where are you now?


Windows? Good God No!

Wouldn't entertain the concept. I'm Linux through and through, have been since Slakware and kernel 1.2.13.

I'm currently using rails from the command line with vi as my editor. [Please don't mention emacs as I don't want to blamed for starting an epic flame war!] I really would welcome a decent IDE but simply don't have the time to try out another right now.


I would actually use Linux for my dev box, like I usually do, but I like e too much to switch. Snippets make me far too productive to switch. If e comes out with a Linux version, I'll switch in a heartbeat.