Drop down box Ruby Cgi

i am trying to find out how to create a drop-down list with Ruby cgi
but i am not seeing any article

Can any one please help with this


Although given how vague, broad, and generally poor your question was, I'm afraid that may not actually be what you're looking for. You may need to start with some tutorials on Rails:


hey its very simple just like html....
in the html.erb file use below code you can may be get it.

<%= f.select :category_id, Category.all.collect{|c| [c.name,c.id]} %>

in the category table we have id and name of the categories.......

What Scott was probably trying to say is that you need to read a beginners Ruby on Rails material (he provided a few links to get you started) before asking questions. It’s 101 RoR… it’s not a question that needs attention on a forum (because it is documented in the API docs). Unless we misunderstood you completely and you are really try to accomplish something complex, but lacked the words (though that does not seem the case from your latest reply).

TLDR: read a free online tutorial course / e-book which are plenty out there before asking very basic questions.

And the rationale behind that is the following: if one is allowed to ask and get definite answers to questions how to basically use a well documented function, then who would forbid me to ask how I’d add two numbers with ruby…