draggable_element: How to get id of dragged element, AND receiving element?

Hey :slight_smile:

I'm creating a drag-and-drop tree structure using draggable_element. I
use this code,

draggable_element(content_element_id, :ghosting=>true, :revert=>true)

  <%= drop_receiving_element(content_element_id,
                            :accept => 'tree_item',
                            :complete => "$
                            :before => "$
                            :hoverclass => 'hovering',
                            :with => "'child_id=' +
                            :url => { :action => :adopt } ) %>

This way, I can send the id of the element that is being dragged, to
the :adopt action in my controller. But I need to know which element
the dragged element was dropped upon, so it can be adopted by the
right parent.

Anybody know how I can do that?

Thanks in advance,
Daniel :slight_smile:

Ah, silly me :slight_smile:

Just have to add it to the drop_receiving_element call in :url!

                            :url => { :action
=> :adopt, :parent_id => navigation_point.id } )%>

Cheers :slight_smile: