doubts with link_to function

i have seen one link_to function, but i didn’t get the path flow. which written in that function. PLZ any one clear dat function

<%= link_to “Loyalty Report”, report_listing_path(@listing, :format => “csv”) unless @listing.parent %>

Thank you


What exactly you don't get?
Have you seen the generated HTML for this?

The report_listing_path is a resource's route helper function. If this
is what you don't understand, you should take a look at

Hope it helps.


i have look this but i didn’t get one thing…

lets take one example <%= link_to “Loyalty Report”, report_listing_path(@listing, :format => “csv”) . so what i am seeing the above link is

new_photo_path returns **/photos/new.**so if it like dis the****report_listing_path will return listing/report…is ti correct?

Thank You


"report_listing_path will return the path to whatever route you have defined as “report_listing”

You can run “rake routes” from the command line to see which routes you have configured in your application.