Dojo with 3.1?

Anybody working with Dojo on the asset pipeline?

I disabled the sprocket compression for development mode (<%= javascript_include_tag “application”, debug: Rails.env.development? %>), so its not trying to compress all of the SDK each time. I figured I would just use the Dojo build system prior to deployment instead. So everything seems to work fine though when I use the dojo loading mechanism, it gets weird.

I have the SDK in vendor/assets/javascripts (so the dojo.baseUrl is set there), then in app/assets/javascript I require my custom base file in the manifest //= require mydojofile.

Now my dojofile is in coffeescript and it dojo.requires my starting file (also in coffeesecript) i.e:



dojo.require “myobj”


<> (also in app/assets/javascript, natrually)

alert “Wooohooo”

So, this actually works! well… somewhat. myobj executes fine, though the console reports an error that dojo couldn’t find myobj.js in the modulePaths…

Now if I register the modulePath to dojoConfig prior to the dojo.js load, it still is looking for the compiled myobj.js which isn’t there until runtime, i guess, right?

I haven’t tried completely turning off the auto compilation of coffeescript and do it manually (so the myobj.js actually exists)… though I don’t know if anybody else has a better solution here… .or maybe just somehow supress those errors (as it is actually working)?

hi Wojtek, did you get anywhere with this. I’m trying to use dojo with rails 3.1 asset pipeline & coffeescript as well and struggling for a solution at the moment. Thanks.