Dojo Toolbocks - v1.0.0

= Dojo_Toolbocks

The Dojo Toolbocks is a superstar plugin (engine) that provides the
functionality to include any of the Dojo Toolkit libraries into your
Ruby on Rails application.


The dependencies are automatically loaded into your application.

For reference they are:
- Dojo Toolkit v0.4
- Engines v1.2
- Rails v1.2.x


1. script/plugin install dojo_toolbocks

a) If you don't already have engines installed and configured, then
you will need to modify the /config/environment.rb file. After the
"" add the following line:

  config.plugins = ["engines", "*"]

2. Add the following line to the main template
(/app/views/layouts/application.rhtml) between the opening and closing
<head> tags. Alternatively, you can add it to each individual template
as needed.

  <%= javascript_include_tag 'dojo', :plugin => 'dojo_toolbocks' %>

3. Depending on what libraries you need for the functionality you
desire, you can use the _dojo_require_ method either as a tag, or as a
block as shown in a) and b). This method is to be called within the
<head> tag. See ==Usage for examples.


Here is the full rhtml template for using the Dojo
Toolbocks::Slideshow, with debugging enabled.

      <title>Dojo Toolbocks: Slideshow Demo</title>
      <%= dojo_config(:debug => true) %>
      <%= javascript_include_tag 'dojo', :plugin => 'dojo_toolbocks' %>
      <%= dojo_require ({:script_tag => true}, "dojo.widget.*",
"dojo.widget.SlideShow") %>
      <img dojoType="SlideShow"
        imgUrls="<%= (1..6).map { |n|
image_path("demos/widget/slideshow/#{n}.jpg", :plugin =>
"dojo_toolbocks") }.join(';') %>"
        src="<%= image_path('demos/widget/slideshow/1.jpg', :plugin =>
'dojo_toolbocks') %>"
        imgWidth="400" imgHeight="300" />
a) Debugging

<%= dojo_config(:debug => true) %>

b) Library Inclusion: Tag Style

<%= dojo_require ({:script_tag => true}, "dojo.widget.*", "dojo.lang.*") %>

c) Library Inclusion: Block Style

<% dojo_require ({:script_tag => true}, "dojo.widget.*", "dojo.lang.*") do %>
function somethingUseful(todo) {
  // this method does something useful, and is wrapped in the same
script tag as the library includes
<% end %>


Please report any bugs or feature enhancements to

Just put up a website for it as well..

Anyone else out there use Dojo with Ruby on Rails?