Does id have special meaning?

I want to make four links with different arguments but the same action. The first time, I did it like this: <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :id => 0} %> <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :id => 1} %> <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :id => 2} %> <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx} %> yes, I want the forth link with no argument. But it didn't work. when current url is xx/1, then the forth link bring me to xx/1 , xx/2, xx/0 as the same. I solve it by changing the argument name, something like <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :ids => 0} %> then the url looks like xx?ids=0 everything works Can anyone tells me more details about it ? or just where can I find the answer. Thanks a lot!

Yeah you are right, i have the same event like yours.

The forth link " <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx} %> " should have the same meaning with " <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :id => 0} %> ", In this case I usually put additional params like you have done too "<%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :ids => 0} %> ", I have no idea how it could be like that.

Please check, are you using render in your controller to show destination link?

Because your link is http://localhost:3000/xx/1, when you run <%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx} %>, ruby will have your params[:id] from your original url. it looks like reference params[:id].

so if your url http://localhost:3000/xx/what_ever_id, the link of "<%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx} %>" will be "<%= link_to 'xx' {:action => xx, :id => what_ever_id} %>", understand? you can use <%= link_to 'xx' {:controller => yy, :action => xx} %> OR <a src="/xx"> xx </a>, i not check it but maybe it works.

Get it ! Thanks a lot !~~