Does animated gif will work properly using RMagick?

Dear all,

I have used RMagic to read and write a image while uploading. An animated gif was read from my local machine and was written in my images folder using RMagick. But the animated gif which i read was witten in my folder without animation. What should i do to write the gif image with animation.

Here is my code to read and write image while uploading.

image = params[:image][:blob] image1=params[:image][:blob].original_filename imgs = Magick::Image.from_blob( img = imgs.first + "/public/images/banner/" + image1 , "wb") do |f|   f.write(img.to_blob) end

could anyone suggest me to solve this issue

Thanks in advance,

Regards, Jose Martin

imgs is an array of your animation frames. When you take imgs.first, you get only the initial frame.

Try something like this (NOTE: Only run inside my head which tends to leak and has no garbage collector. :wink:

imgs = Magick::ImageList.from_blob( imgs.write(RAILS_ROOT + "/public/images/banner/" + image1)

Or, if you don't actually do anything with the image: + "/public/images/banner/" + image1 , "wb") do |f|    f.write end

...and avoid all the ImageMagick overhead.


Rob Biedenharn

Dear Rob,

Thanks a lot, it works fine now with your below code + "/public/images/banner/" + image1 , "wb") do |f|    f.write end

...and avoid all the ImageMagick overhead.


Regards, jose Martin