Do I need trix for a description text field?

I got the action text working but now the description field of the product is in another table (active storage?). I moved it out of the sqlite table. Is that the way to go or can I get the description text into the text field with paragraph markers (new line)? Thats all I need to style it in the view and trix just for newlines is overkill? How do you handle this, what am I missing? Thank you. … I don’t upload images or anything in the product form.

It’s hard to tell what you trying to do. Maybe show us your .html.erb and an image of what you’re getting and why it’s not right.

The example tutorials for setting up actiontext/trix store the rich text field in a seperate actiontext or active storage table. I wanted to keep it in the item table. So now I settled for a compact paragraph without any formatting or line breaks and just use the actiontext for the blog where rich text matters and is probably what trix is meant for.