What is the best way to add custom tags (like h1–h6) to ActionText?

I tried extending Trix — https://codepen.io/javan/pen/ZmbWGP.

h2 tags are rendered in Trix but are not saved to the database and all changes are lost on refresh.

See also:

I haven’t really dug into it yet (I’m still at work at the moment) But I’d assume you need to override or append to ActionTexts sanitize allowed_tags list.

Hi Brandon! Thank you for the reply!


already includes h2–h6, so appending h2 to this list doesn’t yield any result. It looks like Action Text supports an even narrower subset of tags.

I don’t know about saving in the database but you might find some inspiration to customize Trix here:

It would be great though, if this could be more easily supported out of the box.

it is so awesome, I am using it in production environment.