Do I have to care about other methods than GET and POST?

If you really need to check for specific http verbs, the else is a
must. Browsers are not smart enough to send anything than
GET/POST, but other HTTP clients are, e.g.: wget, curl, just to
name a few. curl can also send invalid http verbs.

Rails provide a much better way of doing http verb checks, the
verify method [1]. It also allow you to check for http/session
parameters and xhr.

If verify method not suit your needs, i will try to use a more
code like this.

request_is(request) do |verb| { do_something1 }
  verb.get { do_something2 }
  verb.head { do_somethind3 }

The main idea is to encapsulate common behaviour for all actions
in a request proxy. I mean, logging, mail to administrators, or
whathever else you need to do, and pass the other method calls
to the real request instance through Object#send