displaying euro sign? browser displays as question mark

How is the Euro symbol written in your rhtml?

If you typed it directly as a single character in your text editor, you are probably running into a mismatch between the character-encoding of your text editor and that specified for the HTML.

The safer way is to use a named entity, e.g. €

Andy Stewart

so i understand, €500 will be read by browsers universally as (euro
sign)500 i.e $500?


what i did was simply copy/paste then find/replace
using a symbol from another site. im not a web designer nor even a rails
developer... network engineering is my thing... so character encoding is
not really up my alley. apache is our front end and is more my speed but
i knew that wasn't causing the problem... im gonna try the named entity,
wil let you know how it goes.

This article is slightly relevant and may be of interest:


Andy Stewart