Problem with special characters in input field


In my application, a template can be created. Sometime, this template
would include a special character like e.g. the Euro sign so the user
will fill in €

When the field is displayed again in edit mode Rails generates
following code:

<input id="account_template" name="account[template]" size="30"
type="text" value="test &euro; test" />

The browser will replace the &euro; sign by the real euro sign and
when the user hits save, this euro sign (so not the HTML special
character code) will be saved in the database. This is not the

So my question: how can I display special HTML codes as plain html
code (text) which is in the initial VALUE in an input box instead of
the code beeing replaced by the symbol itself?

Thank you in advance.


You need to escape the html with h()