Display specific field that has duplicate name to other table

I want to display a specific field in
my VIEW but they have the same FIELD name..For example, th id in the
PAYMENTS table and the id in the SUGGESTS table have the same field
name... I want to be able to display the correct PAYMENTS id and
correct SUGGESTS id..
My Database is big im having a hard time to trace..which id it belongs

In my ruby on rails action or method Controller:
def print_two_table
@p = Pay.find_by_sql("SELECT p.id, p.topic, s.id, s.income, s.price FROM
pays as P LEFT OUTER JOIN suggests AS s ON s.b_id = p.b_id WHERE
p.created_at BETWEEN '2008-03-04' AND '2008-07-06' ")
In my View action or method:
<%= @p.each do |form| %>
<%= form.income %><br />
<%= form.id %> <br />
<%= form.income %><br />
<% end %>
It gives me the wrong id i want to display..I want to display id in

Please ask this question on the rubyonrails-talk mailing list, as this list is for issues pertaining to the core framework and is not for issues involving your application.