display image problem

Hi   I have to read a logo from DB and set in each page..I ahve a table named company with a BLOB field company_logo   So i wrote application controller code like after_filter :logo_set, :except => [:login,:process_login] private   def logo_set     @logo=CompanySetting.find(3)     send_data @logo.company_logo, :type => "image", :disposition => "inline"   end

And my view has <%= image_tag("@logo.company_logo", :alt => "Image") %> <table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" align='right'>       <tr>       ..............(other html data)      But what happens is only the image get displayed in browser no other html data ..Why this happens..Please help

Thanks in advance Sijo

Take look at: http://mcubed.name/blog/articles/read/9

Hi     Thanks for the reply..This I had already tried..Then I get the above problem..ie Only the image get displayed Not other data in the page