No Image display - after uploading

Some suggestions:

1. Try file_column. It's very easy.
2. For your solution, try and render the page with the image, and then
view the source of the rendered page in the browser. Take the url that
is in the src= attribute, and paste it into your browser. That way you
can determine if it's a problem where you are placing the file in the
filesystem, or if it is just a link issue.
3. If you use updated_on or updated_at in your field of your table,
rails will set it for you automatically. updatedOn is not recognized by
4. It looks like you are putting a full filesystem path into the src.
This will not work, as your web server usually operates from a given
directory. I can't quite tell.

I would really recommend using file_column. It will reduce all your
code above to a couple of lines.