Difficulty verifying site ownership for google search console

I tried DNS TXT record google-site-verification but GSC (google search console) says not found and says it did find an SRV record Yes the SRV records are there but so what
Then I tried with a different method, the URL Prefix method where they gave me an html file to download and then I placed in my site’s public folder but then when I try to verify GSC says timed out and when I try to visit the link in my browser it returns 403 If I place an html file in my public directory shouldn’t it be available to the world?

Yes, all else being correctly configured, files in your public folder should be available -- as long as you have the exact file name. A file in the /public folder would be available at your.site/file.name (don't put the 'public' part in the browser path).

There is a setting in your production.rb file that governs whether you allow your Web server to host these files, or if they are to be served through Rails. I don't recall what the default is. If you have it configured to go through your Web server, then NGINX or Apache configuration will govern how these files will be hosted. If you don't have that enabled, then it should Just Work.

One last thing to check is the ownership and permissions of your public folder and its contents. The folder should be world executable, and the files within it should be world readable. At a minimum, 557 for the folder and 644 for the files.


Sorry, it was permissions on the public folder that’s all Thanks Walter