different titles

Philip Gavrilos wrote:


I want to have different titles in my weblog.

in my app/views/layout/post.html.erb

i have this in head: <title><%= controller.action_name %> :: webstic blog :)</title>

thats fine if im in page that listing my blog articles!

but if i chooce to view a page i want the title.post in my <title>

how i can do that?



i found it! sorry for the rush post!

i could help im writing what i've did:

in my app/views/layout/posts.html.erb

<title><%= yield :title %>:: my fisrt rails blog :)</title>

in my app/views/posts/index.html.erb

<% content_for :title do %>   <%= controller.action_name %> <% end %>

and my _post partial

<% content_for :title do %>   <%= post.title %> <% end %>

this works for me :slight_smile:

There's even a better solution, search the API for content_for.


Hi there,

Taking this a little step further, this is the pattern that our team has been using.


Good luck!


I need to put more attention when I read :slight_smile:

My bad.