Trying the ol' articles route, need some help

Hey there,

I am trying to figure out routing and thought that this would probably be the best way to learn how to do some complicated routes. I've looked at a lot of people's methods for getting the /articles/ 2009/02/12/some-title to work but they all seem to forget to post some custom method they're writing like by_date.

So here was my stab at it, I know I need to gsub the title. I just don't know where (in the conditions?)

<code> // routes.rb map.article_page 'articles/:year/:month/:title', :controller => 'articles', :action => "show",     :requirements => { :year => /(19|20)\d\d/, :month => /[01]?\d/ }

// articles_controller.rb def show     @article = Article.find_by_date(params)     ...

// article.rb def self.find_by_date(params)     find(:first, :conditions => ["publish_date.year = ? and publish_date.month = ? and title = ?", params[:year], params[:month], params[:title]])   end </code>

I know publish_date.year is wrong but I can't figure out a way to pull the year out of the publish_date column here.

Any help would be surely appreciated.

Hi Yaphi,

First, you shoudn't "gsub" the title, you must transform it into a "permalink". A simple way to do this is to use the permalink_fu plugin ->

Having it installed, here's how your model could look like:

class Article < ActiveRecord::Base

  #you'll need a "title_permalink" column at your "posts" table to hold the permalink value   #this method creates a permalink base on the :year, :month and :title properties   has_permalink [:year, :month, :title], :title_permalink

  def year     publish_date.year if publish_date   end

  def month     publish_date.month if publish_date   end

  class << self     # this method finds the record with the specified permalink, you can even pass the params hash directly     def find_by_permalink( options )       first( :conditions => { :title_permalink => "#{options[:year]}-#{options[:month]}-#{options[:title]}" } ) || raise( ActiveRecord::RecordNotFound, options.inspect )     end



#at your controller def show   @post = Article.find_by_permalink( options ) end

Thank you very much Maurício!

I'll give that a shot.