How many Rails Developers use Devise? How many of you have successfully incorporated mail in Devise.

I am having trouble incorporating mail into Devise.

Does anyone know how to do this with Rails 5.2.2?

Cheers Dave

Not having done this myself, but I did find a test[1] that sends the confirmation emails. Hope that helps, Dave. – H

What problem are you having? I have always found it worked pretty much out of the box (assuming you have set up your mail config)

Hi Rob at the moment only the password reset email works. Are you able to check them please?

Password reset

Hello <%= %>!

Someone has requested a link to change your password. You can do this through the link below.

<%= link_to 'Change my password', edit_password_url(@resource, reset_password_token: @token) %>

If you didn't request this, please ignore this email.

Your password won't change until you access the link above and create a new one.

Confirmations dosen’t

Welcome <%= @email %>!

You can confirm your account email through the link below:

<%= link_to 'Confirm my account', confirmation_url(@resource, confirmation_token: @token) %>

Email changed doesn’t

Hello <%= @email %>!

<% if @resource.try(:unconfirmed_email?) %>

We're contacting you to notify you that your email is being changed to <%= @resource.unconfirmed_email %>.

<% else %>

We're contacting you to notify you that your email has been changed to <%= %>.

<% end %>

Cheers Dave

What do the errors look like? When you say it doesn't work, what exactly are you seeing?


I don’t see any errors in the logs. No errors are displayed sorry

Well what *do* you see in the logs when you click the link. Comparing it with the one that does work might give you a clue.


Ok thanks

Hi Colin. Attached are some files

pininterestdaveConfirmation.txt (8.28 KB)

reset_password_instructions.html.erb (393 Bytes)

confirmation_instructions.html.erb (199 Bytes)

pininterestpasswordReset.txt (9.03 KB)