Adding confirmed to a nearly complete rails application

I am coming to the end of my rails project now and I have done everything I wish to do apart from confirm the users account through email before creating it. I already have it to send an email to the user but I want the user to contain a link. It's far too late to add devise now as I already have a users table etc.

I have heard of having a confirmed field in the users table and having it set to false and then true on user confirmation, but I have no idea on how to implement this. Any ideas?

If anyone else has some other solutions or links to tutorials showing how to add such feature then that would be outstanding. The end is so close yet so far.

It is never too late to refactor and do something a better way.


take a look at devise gem (for example). It can send verification emails and activate account then


the best way is using devise gem, Im using devise 1.5.3 and its really easy, send confirmation mails, encripted password, you can change the messages…prety cool

Take a look at this if you want to do this manually:

While the screen cast is about password resets, confirmation would work exactly the same way, and Ryan says so himself. It’s pretty easy.