Development of Ukrainian Ruby on Rails Conference in 2008.

Dear Members of Ruby n Rails Group! I've get involved to develop and manage The First Ukrainian Ruby on Rails Conference 2008 (Kyiv on Rails 2008 - Projectname). I've created a group - "Kyi'v Kolijamy" (Kyiv on Rails Conference) located at Ukraine is located in Eastern Europe, so, if the marketing strategy woud say, ukrainian level is too low, i'll might be interested in the first eastern europe conference. My Idea is to create a Team of organizators, sponsors and talkers to organize the first ukrainian conference on Ruby on Rails. Please, if somewho would like to participate or have some great ideas, contact me trough the Group. I will start to develop a Timesheet for the organization of it at firts, so i am an early-stage organizator. Please, i would be very happy to have You in my Team!

Thank you and hope, You will join me at Kyiv on Rails! Best wishes and thanks to the Ruby on Rails Group,

Vadim Zhernovoi.