deprec - deployment recipes for capistrano

deprec is a new rubygem to make deployment of your Rails app with
Capistrano a breeze.

cap install_rails_stack

This recipe installs everything you need to prepare an Ubuntu linux
6.06 server to host
your Rails application:

- apache 2.2 with mod_proxy_balancer
- mongrel & mongrel cluster
- rails
- mysql

These six steps will get your app running on a server:

cd /path/to/railsapp
deprec --apply-to . --name projectname --domain
# edit config/deploy.rb to put in details of your subversion repository
cap install_rails_stack
cap setup
cap deploy_with_migrations
cap restart_apache

Planned for future releases:

- postfix with virtual hosts and smtp-auth
- custom tasks for specific VPS providers
- host based firewall setup
- support for other OS/distributions/versions

Check out my blog for more info.

- Mike