Deploying on windows 2000 server

Posted this on the rubyonrails-deployment group (http://
d5ef4f3525c3c39a), but figured it couldn't hurt posting it here too.

I'm not a windows user, and I've never deployed on windows. Made this
small app for a company, and they want it deployed on one of their own
servers - a windows server.

I've installed this Rails Prod Win package. When browsing to http://localhost,
I get the 500 error page from the .htaccess. This is what the apache
error log says:

After googling around for a while, I found this small fcgi script to
test if fcgi is working - - and it is.
Browsing to that file displays the stuff, and does the incremental
count on each request.

No clue at all about this pipe 1 stuff in the error messages. Anyone
has a clue at all? I have absolutely no idea where to start, so _any_
help on this will be greatly appreciated.