DB2 Driver for Mac

I've been developing Rails applications using windows and am slowly transitioning to a Mac but face a slight problem; our back-end uses the AS/400. My question is, what are others doing to connect to an AS/ 400, is there an IBM DB2 Driver for Mac's I'm unaware of? Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks

Linux is the only other platform that I am aware of that is supported by IBM regarding DB2. I have the same problem and develop for DB2 on Linux. One solution I’ve used in the past is to run a linux VM on my mac. Good luck.

The word on the street (at IDUG in May) is that IBM will release DB2 Express-C for the Mac (for development only) around September (dates not guaranteed).

In the meantime you'd need to use Windows or Linux (even inside VMWare on Mac) but not native Mac.