harp wrote:

hi all,

i have a user object that includes a birthday datetime field.
when the user is created, he selects the date via the helper

datetime_select 'user', 'birthday'

which works great. the date is saved to the database, and it works great...but when i display the datetime_select helper after the user is created, the correct date isn't displayed - - the previous time is selected.

how do i place the user's birth-date as the selected date?

i tried

datetime_select 'user', 'birthday', :value => @session['user'].birthday

In your controller you've got to set @user = session['user']

harp wrote:

<% @user = @session['user'] %>

datetime_select 'user', 'birthday', :value => @session['user'].birthday

it works! thanks!
isn't there any way to assign it a value if i want to [not according to the user object] ? something like :

date_select 'user', 'birthday', :selected => a_certain_date

If you're using date_select, change the displayed date by modifying the
attribute on the @user object. Use select_date if you instead wish to
select a date unrelated to an AR object.