Database Update Outside of Rails

Hi! Hopefully my subject is not too obtuse. :slight_smile: I am looking to collect
log data into a database for server analysis. I know for a fact that
the data will be used by my non-technical peers, so Rails is perfect
for building a fairly web interface to generate reports based on the

That said, my impression is that you have to work within the Rails
framework closely for database updates. I can probably obtain the data
and insert them via REST (which I would love to get into), but the
problem is that I have a substantial amount of data - so much that I
think REST may add unnecessary overhead as I parse log data and push
them to my collector.

Hence, the approach I am thinking of trying is to run a Perl script on
the collector to capture the log data and then directly update the
table. Would that be safe to do?

If not, should I use Active Record within a TCPserver Ruby script (not
preferable IMO for performance reasons) and how would I integrate that
into Rails?

Nothing wrong with that as long you keep in mind that any Rails magic you've got setup in the models won't be available. But if you keep that in mind, nothing wrong with what you're thinking of.

But if you're already in Rails, I'd suggest pure ruby instead of mixing in Perl...

I would prefer pure Ruby myself, except what I have available is 1.8,
which is not impressive performance wise in comparison to Perl. Of
course, there is 1.9, but I don't know much compatibility there is
with 1.9 and Rail - and I have yet to get through Rails beyond
building sample apps utilizing model relationships (heck, I haven't
done authentication yet). Last thing I need is to trying to debug
issues with 1.9 and Rails all at the same time.

Of course, I could be wrong regarding 1.8. If anybody else have a
difference experience using a Ruby 1.8 for tcp services, please let me