Hey All,

I cannot access darwinports by either using the port command to try to
sync, or by visiting their site. Does anyone know any contact info for
whoever runs darwin ports so I can notify them?


Have you tried the “sudo port -d selfupdate” ? Darwinports is no more, long live MacPorts. I guess. Anyway, the selfupdate worked for me. If you want to discuss (off list) just send me a email.

perhaps the migration to macports/macforge is underway (i see the
webkit site is offline as well). you could try freenode#opendarwin,
the developers might hang out there still.


Hi Jean-Pierre,

Thanks for the info. I guess I'll just have to wait until they get
they're stuff together... Right now both macports.org and
opendarwmin.org are down. No on freenode saw fit to respond to my
queries. You'd think a package management system would have some kind
of redundancies in place... oh well.

Take care,