custom db rake task gives 'development database not configured'

Hi all,
I'm trying to write a simple custom rake task to easily delete some database records. However when I run it, I get an error 'development database is not configured'.

Here's the code:

require 'activerecord'

namespace :db do
  task :delete_sessions do
    sessions = ENV['sessions'].split(',').collect! {|n| n.to_i}
    for session in sessions do
      ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute("DELETE FROM pool_sessions WHERE pool_session_id=#{session};")
    end end

And how I call it:

$ rake db:delete_sessions sessions=1,2
(in <rails root>)
rake aborted!
development database is not configured

(See full trace by running task with --trace)

If I change RAILS_ENV to test or production I get parallel results.

I can still do other rake db tasks, such as drop, create, and migrate, so I know that my config/database.yml is OK.

Any ideas? Thanks.

Taking a look at databases.rake in rails itself, I think you want to
depend on the :load_config task so that your database.yml file is
actually loaded


Frederick Cheung wrote: